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Combi Boilers

MSC Heating: The Company Hundreds of Homeowners Across the UK Have Turned to for Combi Boilers

MSC Heating are one of the UK’s premier suppliers and installers of combination (combi) gas boilers. Combi boilers are the most popular gas boilers in the nation because they’re reliable, economical and easier to install than other types of boilers. The boiler experts at MSC Heating can help you determine which type of combi boiler is right for you and install it at a price that may pleasantly surprise you.

Combi Boilers: Should You Install One in Your Home? Read on

When properly installed by Gas Safe certified technicians like those from MSC Heating today’s combination boilers will push fuel efficiency to the limit. Like double-pane windows and insulated metal doors they’re redefining the modern home, making it a comfortable, affordable oasis. Some other benefits of the combi boiler include:

Economical Operation

As the combi boiler is only heating water when you call for it, it’s a more economical proposition than other types of boilers that are heating water almost constantly. The combi boiler draws water directly from the mains on an ‘as needed’ basis, heats it and delivers it directly to your dishwasher, shower, sink or heating system.

Compact Size

Since a combination boiler does not require the installation of a hot water cylinder or a cold water tank in the loft they can often be installed inside cupboards or other small, out of the way places. Also, no water tanks means no pipes needing to be run to and from those tanks and no maintenance on those tanks as well.

Efficient Use of Energy

With a standard system boiler you’re paying to keep large amounts of hot water on standby, as it were. You might use this water soon or it may sit unused in the hot water cylinder for days costing you money to keep it ready. With a combi boiler you only heat the water you need as you need it.


Because they draw water directly from the main lines Combi boilers don’t require the purchase and installation of hot or cold water tanks and all the attendant pipes and wiring that go with them. And because the engineering behind them is so simple they’re usually easier to repair should something go wrong.

The ECO Grant Scheme

If you are a homeowner who currently receives some form of government assistance based on income it’s possible you may qualify for the government’s ECO boiler grant scheme. The program is designed to provide those most in need relief from the high cost of energy by covering the purchase and installation of a new, energy efficient boiler. Talk to one of our experts about whether you qualify for a free gas boiler.

If you are building a new house, remodelling your home or just thinking about replacing your old, inefficient boiler with something more economical contact MSC Heating and ask us about whether or not a combi boiler might be a good match for you. We’ll provide you all the information you need to make a smart, informed decision and start saving money.

If you would like more information on any of our energy efficient heating systems including Oil boilers, Air source heat pumps, Ground source heat pumps, Solar pv, Underfloor heating or Battery storage, then please call or email us. We are happy to discuss enquiries from across the UK, including Midlands areas such as Birmingham, Worcester, Hereford, Coventry, Gloucester, Oxford, Shrewsbury, Northampton and Evesham.

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