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Gas Boiler Fitting

MSC Heating: The Best Boiler Fitters in the Country

More homeowners trust MSC Heating for the fitting of their new gas boiler because of our hard-earned reputation for reliable, high-quality service and affordable pricing. The fitting of new gas boilers is not a job for the local handyman, it requires professionally trained technicians well versed in the numerous government procedures and regulations that govern such installations. As such, MSC Heating’s experienced, Gas Safe certified engineers are the right people for the job.

Selecting the Right Boiler Fitter for Your New Gas Boiler

MSC Heating are Gas Safe certified boiler fitters offering a full range of boiler installation, maintenance and repair services. We can advise you on the right boiler for your home and make sure it’s properly installed by following a few basic guidelines including:

Choosing the Right Place for the Installation

In the majority of cases the new boiler can be fitted to the existing boiler space. The lines and pipes are all there from the previous boiler which makes for a quick, affordable installation. Converting from say, a conventional boiler to a combi boiler will be more complicated, but the old location should work nonetheless.

Flushing the System

Sludge build-up from your radiator system can infiltrate your new gas boiler and damage it. To avoid this possibility our boiler fitter will typically flush your system prior to installation. Special filters are also available that will prevent future build-up of radiator sludge. Make sure you ask about them.

Fitting it with a Proper Drain

All boilers today are condensing boilers. As such they generate condensation that needs to be drained away properly. This drain should, if at all possible, be kept within the confines of your home to prevent the line freezing during the depths of winter. It also needs to be set at a downward angle of at least 5% in order to prevent backup.

Partnering with the Proper Thermostat Controls

Every new gas boiler system must have time and temperature controls. Typically these are wired controls but as technology improves WIFI control is becoming a viable alternative. In addition it’s now possible to monitor and control your system via the Internet from anywhere in the world. Be sure to ask about this option.

Proceeding Expeditiously

Installing a new boiler is an involved process but it’s sometimes possible to finish the job in a single day. Converting a combi to a system boiler or vice-versa may take as long as 3+ days but rest assured our technicians will work as quickly as is safe in order to ensure your hot water downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

Fitting a new boiler or boiler conversion takes a trained eye, an experienced hand and patient persistence. As natural gas is involved it is by no means a do-it-yourself project or a project for the local handyman. Make sure your new gas boiler is fitted to perfection by calling the gas boiler professionals at MSC Heating. We’ll get the job done right so that you can enjoy many years of trouble free service from your new gas boiler.

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