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Combi Boiler Installation

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A combi, or ‘combination’ boiler eliminates the need for a space-gobbling hot water cylinder and equally intrusive cold water tank in the loft. They can do this because they heat water directly from the mains on an ‘as needed’ basis so no storage unit is necessary and you’re not spending money keeping large amounts of water continuously warm. At MSC Heating we specialize in the supply, installation, servicing and repair of combi boilers for our energy aware customers right across the UK.

Flawless Combi Boiler Installation From MSC Heating

If you’re asking yourself whether installing a new combination boiler might be the right thing to do for your home consider the combi’s many attributes, including:

Economical Operation

As the combi boiler is only heating water when you call for it, it’s a more economical proposition than other types of boilers that are heating water almost constantly. The combi boiler draws water directly from the mains on an ‘as needed’ basis, heats it and delivers it directly to your dishwasher, shower, sink or heating system.


We install more combi boilers than any other kind. Homeowners appreciate the fact that they eliminate the need for hot and cold water tanks, which also means there are fewer components to potentially fail. Their compact nature makes them ideal for smaller homes and the core appliance has a well deserved reputation for long-lasting dependability.

Energy Efficiency

A new combi high efficiency boiler will have a SEDBUK rating of nearly 90%. That means virtually none of the gas you’re paying for is wasted by a combination boiler; a major economic plus. This incredible efficiency also means a significant reduction in your carbon footprint; something increasingly important to environmentally aware homeowners.


Combi boilers are a simple idea, simply executed and they do their job with notable reliability. They’re also extremely easy to use; just set the integrated timer to start delivering heat and hot water at specific times. For increased convenience, separate controls are also available for the heating and hot water functions.

Increased Water Pressure

Few experiences are as dismal as standing under a dribbling shower head, regardless of how warm the water is. With a combi boiler you enjoy the water pressure of the mains, which means a delightfully robust shower experience and increased pressure for faucets and the like.


Your highly efficient gas combination boiler will start saving you money from the minute the pros at MSC Heating have finished installing it. A typical home can expect 100% ROI within just a few short years and then continued savings for many years after that.

Important Note

You may qualify for a free combination boiler under the government’s ECO grants scheme. This initiative is designed to provide those most in need a way to significantly cut their energy bills without having to pay for a new boiler. If you are currently receiving income related government assistance you may qualify for a free boiler installation under this innovate scheme.

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