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Gas Boiler Replacement

In Need of Boiler Replacement? It Doesn’t Have to Be as Expensive as You Probably Think

If your gas boiler is more than 10 years old it’s time to give serious thought to replacing it with a new, energy efficient boiler from MSC Heating. Your boiler typically accounts for more than 50% of your annual energy expenditures. As such, labouring on with an old, inefficient boiler is going to cost you a lot of money in the long run. Do the right thing for your home, your wallet and the environment by putting your obsolete boiler out to pasture and embracing 21st century energy efficiency.

How to Determine if You’re a Candidate for Boiler Replacement

Today’s hyper efficient gas boilers are the result of decades of continual refinement and represent one of the pinnacles of contemporary domestic technology. If you’re still chained to your old boiler and are unsure whether the time has come to embrace the new ask yourself a few simple questions.

Is My Boiler More than 10 Years Old?

If it is it represents technology that is as far out of date as the 3.5 floppy disc. You wouldn’t consider storing valuable information today on one of those archaic technological dinosaurs because it’s just too inefficient. So why would you consider continuing to heat your home with a woefully inefficient boiler?

Will I Save Money on my Energy Bills by Replacing My Current Boiler?

If your old boiler costs you £115 to heat X amount of water, your new boiler will cost you about £100 to heat the same amount of water. Over the course of the year that difference adds up. So yes, you will save money on your energy bills by replacing your old gas boiler.

Am I Eligible for any Grants?

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) grant scheme is designed to provide low income families with free energy efficient gas boilers to replace their old, wasteful boilers. If you’re currently receiving income-based government assistance you may well be eligible for a free replacement boiler. Call MSC Heating to find out more.

Holding on to your antiquated boiler out of inertia is costing you money every day. Money you’ll never be able to get back. It’s time to stop the financial bleeding. Whether you receive free boiler replacement through the ECO grant scheme or purchase a new gas boiler yourself you’ll begin to enjoy energy savings almost immediately.

Call MSC Heating today on 0345 496 7041 or fill out and send the form on our contact page to learn more about the breakthrough technology that is today’s energy efficient gas boilers, and leave the days of the floppy disc in the past where they belong.

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