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Gas Boiler Installations

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Today’s energy-efficient gas boilers are so far superior to boilers of just 10 or 20 years ago that there is really no comparison. A boiler that might have been considered state of the art in 1995 operated at about 75% efficiency. Today, due to the introduction of condensing technology, that efficiency rating is up over 90%. In order to take maximum advantage of this increased efficiency it’s necessary that you have the right company help you select and install the best boiler for your home. For more and more people today that company is MSC Heating.

MSC Heating Boiler Installation: The Proven Path to Energy Efficiency

Any type of appliance that utilizes natural gas as fuel has the potential, if installed incorrectly or poorly maintained, to leak deadly carbon monoxide gas into your home. The only effective way to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning is to prevent it leaking from your boiler system in the first place. And the only sure-fire way to do that is to entrust installation and service of your gas boiler to Gas Safe certified professionals like those from MSC Heating.

When you enlist the dedicated professionals from MSC Heating to install your new boiler the process will typically go as follows:

Book an Appointment

To get the process started call us on 0345 496 7041 and ask to speak to one of our gas boiler experts. They’ll schedule a meeting where you can sit down together to discuss which type of boiler will be best for your particular situation based on a slew of criteria germane to your home.

Receive Your Quote

At the end of the initial meeting and assessment the gas boiler professional from MSC Heating will provide you with a no-obligation quotation for the cost of your boiler installation (the exact amount will vary according to circumstances) and also provide you with a range of payment options.


Once there is agreement on the type of boiler installation and cost the installation itself will proceed. Our technicians will do everything in their power to ensure the process is uneventful, expeditious and as low-impact as possible. When complete, you will also receive a full complement of supporting documents and service records.

Annual Maintenance

Installing a new gas boiler without also signing your boiler up for an annual service check is not advisable. A high efficiency gas boiler is a precision appliance and needs to be treated as such. An annual service check will help keep things running at their high efficiency best and prevent small problems from escalating into major ones.

MSC Heating is one of the UK’s premier suppliers and installers of high efficiency gas boilers. Our extensive background and highly trained engineers and technicians mean you can rest easy when MSC Heating are on the job. Fully Gas Safe certified with full UK coverage no other company has the resources or expertise to match MSC Heating. Call us today to get started down the road to an energy efficient, more affordable future.

If you would like more information on any of our energy efficient heating systems including Oil boilers, Air source heat pumps, Ground source heat pumps, Solar pv, Underfloor heating or Battery storage, then please call or email us. We are happy to discuss enquiries from across the UK, including Midlands areas such as Birmingham, Worcester, Hereford, Coventry, Gloucester, Oxford, Shrewsbury, Northampton and Evesham.

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