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Solar PV Panels Systems

Solar PV Panels System Installers UK – Fully Accredited

MSC Heating are experienced and fully qualified in both domestic and commercial installations of Solar PV Heating Systems covering the UK. We have a friendly team of installation engineers who are happy to discuss the benefits of installing your Solar PV panels Hot Water Heating System as part of your overall renewable energy system.

If you install an electricity-generating technology from a renewable or low-carbon source such as Solar PV panels or wind turbine, the government’s Feed-In Tariff scheme (FIT) could mean you get money from your energy supplier. You can be paid for the electricity you generate, even if you use it yourself, and for any surplus electricity you export to the grid. And of course you’ll also save money on your electricity bill, because you’ll be using your own electricity.

How does Solar PV Panels energy work

A Solar PV panel hot water system uses sunlight (solar radiation) to heat some of the hot water used in your home. An evacuated solar pv thermal tube system is used to collect energy. The glass evacuated tubes then lock in this heat. Inside these collectors are a series of heat pipes made up of high graded nickel plated copper for effective heat transfer. Heat then rises to the top of the heat pipe heating water, whilst cold vapour liquefies to the bottom of the collector in order for the heat process to continue. The Solar tube collectors are connected to a solar cylinder which stores the hot water until it is required for use. We supply both types of solar thermal collector – flat plate and evacuated tube.

A typical domestic solar electricity system with an installation size of 3kWp could save around £670 per year

What are the benefits of installing Solar PV panels?

There are a number of benefits from installing Solar:

  • Generation tariff
  • Energy bill savings
  • Renewable Heat Incentives
  • Prolong the life of your boiler
  • Reduce household CO2
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